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Coronavirus Update 08/01/21

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we continue to face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus our thoughts go out to the people affected and we continue to send our heartfelt thanks to the healthcare workers, local communities and governments working to contain this unprecedented situation. 

Since the outbreak of the virus in the UK, Corinthian Homes Group has closely followed Public Health England's guidance including instituting social distancing practices to ensure the safety of its customers, staff, contractors and suppliers.

We have enabled all our key staff to work remotely from home where possible. 

We will continue to progress technical and planning aspects of our development sites with a range of consultants who like us, have quickly adapted to the situation supporting each other within the confines of our new working practices.

Safety on our developments

Health and safety has always been a non-negotiable priority for Corinthian Homes Group, and we have taken a careful approach since the start of the pandemic.

The Government has identified construction as an important part of the economy which it wants to see continuing to operate.

In doing so, the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and suppliers and the local communities we work in remains our top priority.

We have reviewed guidance issued by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Construction Leadership Council to assess each and every aspect of our site activities and to address the changes that need to be made in order to fully comply with the restrictions imposed by social distancing requirements. 

Having done so, we are confident that we have a robust set of detailed protocols and revised guidelines which means we can operate safely and comply with social distancing requirements now on a sustainable basis for as long as is necessary.

Following the Government’s publication of safe working practices on 11 May 2020, we can confirm our revised processes are ‘COVID-19 Secure’.

Here are some of the measures that are being carried out to help ensure we continue building safely:

Revised site layouts: Sites will have wider walkways and passing points, new floor signage to support social distancing in offices and communal areas, as well as more hand washing facilities. 

Working as a team: Our contractors must update risk assessments for managing social distancing and infection control, which will need to be approved by our Site Management before work starts. 

Rapid reaction: We will respond quickly should someone fall ill, alerting anyone likely to have been in contact with the individual, immediately isolating any affected areas and carrying out specialist deep cleans.


I have seen members of your workforce working in close proximity and without PPE?

Following Government guidelines set out specifically for the construction industry where social distancing measures of two metres are not always possible you may see contractors working side by side, facing away from each other, rather than face to face wherever possible. In instances where they are required to be face to face, this should be kept to a minimum.

Workers will also be kept together in teams and those teams will not change and will be kept as small as possible.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) will be managed on site through social distancing, hygiene and the hierarchy of control and not through the use of RPE/PPE unless workers are in an enclosed space or where workers come into contact with others they do not normally meet.

We are grateful for the on-going support and encouragement we have received from all of our dedicated teams and loyal customers during these challenging times.

Most importantly please take care of yourselves and your families.

Simon Wright


Corinthian Homes Ltd