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Say ‘Hello’ to Your Havwoods Engineered wood floor

The apartments at North Quay are finished to very high standards and that is why we have chosen to use Havwoods engineered wood flooring throughout the development.

Why engineered wood rather than a laminate or real wood?

North Quay is aiming to be as sustainable a build as possible so, with that in mind, it is a more environmentally friendly way to achieve high quality and aesthetically pleasing results. Engineered wood is more tree-friendly because it uses less slow-growth hardwoods. It is made using layers of faster-growing softwoods, encouraging the replanting of our forests, without having to resort to using tropical hardwoods and contributing to deforestation.  

Our apartments are all fitted with underfloor heating and many flooring alternatives are not suitable to be laid over this, as wood is hygroscopic which means that it is affected by changes in the climate through the use of heating, causing it to swell or shrink. This can often result in the floorboards warping and no one wants their flooring to do that! Engineered wood doesn’t behave in the same way and therefore it is much more stable and durable.

The added beauty of engineered wood flooring is the wide range of finishes available, which gives you far more design options. We have chosen two of our favourite finishes for our apartments, the specifications of which can be downloaded. We have also included a handy care guide to ensure that your Havwoods floor always looks its best!

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