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Thru Floor Underfloor Heating – Our Choice for Your New Home

Plymouth based Thru Floor was established in 2003 and has grown into a company that can provide the complete package in floor construction. They have a team of highly skilled engineers who have a wealth of experience in delivering a heated floor that meets current emission targets using technologies that work most effectively with sustainable energy sources.

Why do we choose them?

  • Underfloor heating is the most energy-efficient method of heating a room as operating temperatures are much lower than traditional heating methods, (traditional heating needs to be heated to 65-75 degrees in contrast to underfloor heating running at 29 degrees or less), which in turn can save anything from 15% - 40% on running costs.
  • Being under the surface gives complete flexibility in design layout without wall radiators or heaters to limit the interior design and furniture arrangements. With space being at a premium in an apartment, this freedom to configure rooms as you wish gives greater scope to make the space work for you and your needs.
  • With the floor being the warmest part of the room and the air cooling as it rises, we have the warmest air at floor level where we want it to be. This method of radiation creates fewer draughts and dust movement which is why underfloor heating is considered the most comfortable and healthiest form of heating, reducing dust and humidity, easing allergy and irritation.
  • Underfloor heating is eco-friendly as it requires much lower water temperatures than conventional heating systems and can be connected to eco-friendly generators such as our Kensa geothermal ground source heat pumps.

So, it’s warmer, cheaper, easy to maintain and eco-friendly!

The question shouldn’t be ‘why do we choose Thru Floor in our new build apartments?’, but ‘why wouldn’t you?’