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Why Choose AEG?

Here at North Quay, we have chosen to install AEG appliances in all of our new build apartments. But why AEG? We are sometimes asked by buyers why we haven’t gone with brands such as Neff or Miele… Well, here’s why…

According to research AEG has proven to be one of the best value for money brands, outperforming their more expensive counterparts in a range of efficiency tests.

We install the AEG Surroundcook oven in our new homes, because of its advanced fan technology giving increased performance. It has a new convection system which AEG named ‘Hot Air’. This system means that the oven heats up faster and cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving both precious time and energy. It also has a quiet fan when in operation and when cooling, an important consideration when your living and kitchen space are open plan.

It may be a single oven but has capacity for three fully loaded shelves and due to an additional heating ring, it ensures that everything within the oven, regardless of what shelf it’s on, is cooked evenly and perfectly. No soggy bottoms!

To make things even better, especially if the property is being used as a holiday let, is that humidity in the oven creates steam which loosens any stubborn grease and residue, making it virtually effortless to keep clean.

Buyers are able to specify any brand that they would prefer to have installed, it’s their home of course, and anything is possible. But honestly, with products this good, why would you want to?