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Your AEG Induction Hob

Here at North Quay, we have chosen AEG as our brand of choice for your kitchen appliances. They are well-rated, reliable, and perfectly suited to our Kettle Co. Kitchens.

But why choose an Induction hob over a standard electric hob?

Firstly, we have to consider the types of cooking that the majority of people will choose to do in our apartments. Induction hobs are quick heating and extremely responsive, which makes them ideal for the ‘quick’ style of cooking – pasta dishes and stir-fries for example, where a quick heating hob is preferable. When considering that a proportion of our properties are going to be used for the holiday let market, an induction hob is ideal for the majority of the ‘quick and simple’ styles of cooking that are most likely to be done during a holiday stay. How many of us cook very often when away on holiday at all? Perhaps the odd lunch or breakfast, but rarely a full three-course meal!

The beauty of this induction hob and the appeal to both the holiday let, and permanent residence markets is that induction takes you from cool to hot, and back again, immediately. In terms of safety, because only the pan and the food within it is heated, the surface around the pan stays cool to the touch. There is the added safety feature of a child safety lock which means that the control panel is locked and ensures that the hob can’t be accidentally switched on. There is also a residual heat indicator to let you know when the surface is a safe temperature to touch.

The bonus of the area surrounding the pan remaining cool during cooking is that no food gets burnt onto the ceramic surface of the hob. The flat smooth surface means there is nowhere for dirt to collect, and it is easy to keep the hob sparkling clean!

For those of you who may be more culinary-minded, the induction hob is capable of giving you the most precise temperature control – melting, water baths, steaming, etc. – and will give you the confidence to tackle advanced cooking techniques for those who are making their North Quay apartment their permanent residence. The Direct Touch Controls user interface is numbered 1-14 enabling you to set the desired temperature immediately. No toggling through the temperatures with + or – buttons.

This model also boasts the PowerBoost function, giving an instant burst of heat where needed, and is perfect for boiling a large pot of water quickly, on average under 90 seconds!

All this is great… but don’t forget that an induction hob may require the purchase of new pans. Do you need special pans for an induction hob? Yes, you do!

Induction heating works by heating the pan using electromagnetic induction…. Basically, they use magnets and electricity to generate heat. Pans such as aluminium or copper won’t work because they aren’t magnetic materials. In addition to the type of metal being important, only pans with a completely flat base will work on an induction hob.

How to tell if your pans are suitable? Simply place a magnet on the base of your pan. If it sticks, then it will be ideal for an induction hob. If not, well, it’s a nice excuse to get a shiny new set of pans for your new home!

In the case of induction and pans, it’s also good sense to remember that size does matter! Invest in pans that are the right size for each cooking zone to get the best results from your AEG Induction hob.