West Cornwall's New Harbour Destination
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What We Offer

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We know what being moments from the right beach means to our guests. And we know how to make the most of it.

We carefully select retreats which will delight our extensive customer database. Pristine, private, everything taken care of and with real beach spirit running deep – from spectacular sea views, or balconies where you can breathe in the sea air at breakfast, to a garden gate that opens straight onto the sand. North Quay encompasses all these features, making it a favourable destination for our holidaymakers.

But keeping our guests happy is only half the story. Because once you’re in our portfolio your place is at the heart of Beach Retreats and your needs are our priority.

From our first conversation, we get to know you and your requirements, whether you’re a seasoned owner, looking for the perfect investment at North Quay, or getting ready to dive into holiday letting for the first time. And the conversations don’t stop. We build a relationship with every owner to ensure your retreat does exactly what you need it to, discovering and emphasising the highlights that will draw guests in their droves.

Whether it’s on point marketing, digital savvy or spotting the opportunities that will increase your yield, we’ve got a lot to offer. But underlining our skills, expertise and business experience is our belief in the power of great places by the beach. And our commitment to making sure every owner on our books – and guest that stays with us – feels that power too.


From captivating content and data insights, to enticing social that get imaginations firing, our brand power and marketing expertise push the potential of your place while our PR team puts it in front of the right audience.


Our local and coastal reservations team understands how to make guests feel comfortable and cared for at every point of their holiday, with streamlined processes and feedback – which you have direct access to – and which keeps guests booking.

Property Management

For owners eager to make letting their property simple and assured, we offer additional property management services, on hand 24/7 to ensure your guests and your retreat at North Quay are well looked after.