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Why Beach Retreats

Beach life means freedom. In our hands, your beach retreat can give that to guests. And we can give it to you, maximising your bookings so you have the freedom to enjoy the benefits of letting, and your beach, your way.

So why Beach Retreats?

  • Because use award-winning marketing to put your place in the spotlight.
  • Because we use the latest technology – film, aerial footage, virtual tours and more – to capture what it is that makes your place sing.
  • Because we have a huge following of affluent guests looking to escape to the coast.
  • Because we rule the waves on social media.
  • Because we work with an award-winning travel and lifestyle PR agency, as well as specialists in branding, web development and search engine marketing.
  • Because we are experts on every curve, climb, sandbank, suntrap, inlet and tideline of Hayle’s coastline.
  • Because we don’t just sell summer holidays, we sell year-round holidays by the beach.
  • Because we only take on premium places within walking distance of the beach.
  • Because we live and breathe the beach lifestyle that we stand for.

All this means we know exactly how to make every beach retreat do more: attracting the right guests, year round to find that feeling for themselves.

Because it isn’t just sandy toes and surf wax. It’s an escape, a retreat, a balance-bringer, an eye-opener, a way of being, a principle that runs deep.

By showing people all that they can experience from your front door, we’ll grow their love and loyalty for your listing and you’ll enjoy the benefits that brings.